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    Book Submission Guidelines

    What We Need

    For books to be considered by UWP please follow the guidelines below including the following:

    1. Name of book and a description in 150-200 words; why a book is needed in the area and what is distinctive and unique about the book in terms of intellectual contribution and subject matter.
    2. Details of author or principal editor/editor’s contact details and one paragraph detailing institutional affiliations, relevant previous publications and relevant history of research underlying the book.
    3. If an edited volume, details of the contributors including their academic affiliations and most significant and relevant publications (2-3 sentences only).
    4. If a single or dual authored book, the length of the book and the proposed delivery date. If an edited book the length of individual contributions will be needed as well. In both cases a chapter plan would be required and brief details of bibliography, appendices and other apparatus proposed.
    5. Any presentation preferences for typesetting or any production requirements for the book including use of illustration, data, specialist typography or colour printing if required for print on demand.
    6. Core readership and subject areas the book would appeal to and cover, and details of any tertiary audiences either in terms of general interest or other academic fields. 
    7. An account of competing titles and books most closest resembling that in your proposal; what is the books unique intellectual contribution?
    8. How should the readership for the book in your opinion be best identified and reached? What factors do you think are most relevant in terms of ensuring the book is successfully published and makes an impact? Where in particular in terms of specialist literature should reviews be sought? Are there other things you think it important to stress about the readership for the book and how they might be reached?

    UWP normally like to discuss on an individual basis such matters as reference and style conventions, handling of the peer review process and (only if relevant) potential sponsorship but if you think it is important to mention such considerations at an early stage please include details.

    It is a condition for consideration that UWP books are peer reviewed in accordance with standard university press practice.

    The Process

    A book is first of all considered by UWP members of staff specifically as to whether it meets our guidelines and is a subject area in which we are planning to publish.

    The proposal (or script) will then be reviewed externally by relevant scholars in the field (not less than two) and usually by a member of a relevant University of Westminster faculty or department.

    If the reviews are favourable or mixed the proposal will be considered by the University of Westminster Press editorial board and a decision will be taken quickly whether to proceed.

    UWP aim to undertake reviews of book proposals as expeditiously as possible and in no longer than 10 weeks from submission if a manuscript.

    Taking into consideration publication ethics, UWP are happy to consider requests for ‘open’ peer review if preferred.

    Once a book proposal is accepted procedures contracts are signed and a final manuscript is also peer reviewed before the final editing and production process commences. Authors may be asked to make changes before acceptance but at each point you will be able to discuss the changes with UWP personnel.

    Books, on publication, are simultaneously released free to readers in PDF, eBook and made available as a print on demand hardback or paperback (this latter at a significantly reduced price from conventional academic publishing levels).

    Authors are consulted about the presentation of the book and its marketing. 

    Book Proposals  

    UWP welcomes proposals from authors who would like to publish their book on an open access basis under the University of Westminster Press banner. You can submit your proposal by sending an email to Philippa Grand.